Clinical trials in NZ are designed to advance global health, and usually are part of a multi-country trial approach. At NZCR, our clinical research teams’ partner with leading medical researchers, doctors and science experts to help develop innovative medicines and treatments that improve people’s lives.

Researching new medications, vaccines, and other interventions is critical to advancing global health — and that’s where clinical research comes in. Clinical trials are scientific studies in which new medicines and other treatments are tested on participants to assess their safety and efficacy and identify if there are any side effects.

We’re changing the world of medicine – one clinical trial at a time.

At NZCR, our experienced team of healthcare professionals and scientists conduct clinical trials in both Christchurch and Auckland to help develop the progress of new medicines. Our mission is to advance global health through clinical research that changes lives. Many people who participate in clinical studies feel it is the best way they could ever contribute to the advancement of medicine. By taking part in clinical studies, NZ’ers are among the first in the world to be exposed to a new drug or treatment. At NZCR, we ensure all participants fully understand the risks, benefits and requirements of participating in our clinical research so that you can make an informed decision about your health and well-being.

You may feel that joining medical trials is a risk. NZ clinical trials and participants, are closely monitored by the clinical team during and after a trial. Safety and well-being is our primary concern, always. All trials are approved by the NZ’s Health and Disability Ethics Committee (administered by the Ministry of Health) and Medsafe.

The drugs that are being tested are usually in the development stage. They have already undergone a number of tests to determine their efficacy and safety. Researchers then test these drugs on healthy people, and then on patients with the conditions that they look to treat. If a drug shows promising benefits and no serious side effects, it may be approved for use as a medication to treat certain diseases or conditions.

Studies have been done to assess the safety of clinical trials. It’s important to understand any risks if you are considering participating in a clinical trial, and our team will explain these before you commit to a study.

How does your participation in medical trials in NZ help advance medicine?

Participation in our Christchurch or Auckland clinical trials is an important part of advancing medicine. By participating, you can help doctors and scientists understand the safety, tolerability and efficacy of new drugs and other therapies.

Your participation in clinical studies may help researchers develop the next breakthrough therapy and provide hope for patients with diseases or conditions that have no current cure or treatment.

Medical research is advancing at a tremendous pace, and much of that progress depends on our ability to study what happens when new treatments are given to people. As a participant, you would have the chance to take part in a study that could literally change the lives of millions of people worldwide.

What can I expect if I participate in an NZ Clinical Trial?

Most trials involve a multi-night stay for the first part of the trial. Treatment is closely supervised by medical professionals who monitor your progress and safety. Participants will be asked a set of questions and may have to give blood or urine samples. Participants may also receive study medication, injections, vitamins or other treatments. Plus, you will be supplied with food during your inpatient stay – to ensure you are well-fed!

Participants are sometimes given a placebo, or “sugar pill”. This is done to understand any side effects compared with the clinical trial treatment. Through the clinical trial process if participants in the study receiving the study treatment show beneficial results this could indicate that the new treatment has the potential to help many people improve their quality of life.

Participants in clinical trials NZ can expect to take part in monitoring visits and follow-up phone calls to ensure they remain healthy. Additionally, they will also be compensated for their time, travel and other expenses — just like most people are paid when working in a professional capacity.

Participating in clinical research can be a big commitment, but the benefits can be enormous. You will have the opportunity to try new medicines which could save lives. If you participate in a clinical trial, you have a genuine opportunity to make a real difference.

For more information view our current Clinical Trials here or register your interest in participating in a trial here.

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