NZCR is New Zealand’s leading and most experienced researcher of new medicines.

Our expert research team have conducted over 750 clinical trials involving more than 15,000 New Zealanders.

All our trials are approved by New Zealand regulatory authorities and take place at our state-of-the-art research facilities in Auckland and Christchurch, with satellite sites in Hamilton and Wellington. Our team ensure you are fully informed, and your safety is paramount.

What does a Screening Test involve?

What's it like to Participate in a Study?

Who do we need to join our research community and help us with our research?

We need healthy people who do not take any regular medications and meet BMI (body mass index) and weight criteria. Participants need to be able to stay overnight at our research facility and attend clinic visits.

Sound like you? How to get involved…

First off we need you to register your interest; this will allow us to match you to a trial.

How to Participate in our Clinical Trials

To take part in an NZCR trial, we need you to register your details with us. This will ensure we are providing you with information on a trial that might suit you. All our trials have height, weight, BMI and other criteria in the trial. Once you have registered on our database, we will review your profile and send you information on a suitable trial, why it is being conducted, when it is taking place and the payment you will receive for taking part in the trial.


Clinical Trials going on in your area now

We have trials researching a wide variety of potential new medicines which involve varying overnight stays and follow up visits at our clinics.

Why Participate in a Clinical Trial?

Your participation will help us research new medicines which may change the lives of patients in New Zealand and around the world.

Join our research community, get a free health check-up and meet other like-minded people who want to make a difference.

While you are at an NZCR facility, you can enjoy unlimited free WiFi so you can stay in touch with your networks or work if you like. We have areas to work and play with work stations and activities like PS5 and Netflix. Plus a variety of balanced and delicious meals – including vegetarian options.

Take part in our recreational activities and space to socialise and relax. As some participants say – “it’s like a paid holiday”.

Be a part of advancing medicine and improving patient care by participating in our clinical trials today.

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What our clinical trial participants have to say

As a nursing student, I am interested in medical research. I find doing studies at NZCR is like a paid holiday. I can come in do my trial and not worry about anything else – the cooking, the dishes all get done for me! I feel very safe and well cared for by the medical team at NZCR


"Hi I’m Alex, I have done quite a few studies at NZCR. I have found the nurses and doctors to be professional and caring. The facilities themselves to be comfortable, the lounge area providing a nice place to relax. The food portions have been very large and delicious. It's a great way to support my studying without having to take out a student loan."


This my 2nd trial and it’s a long one (16 days). The hardest part is maybe getting a needle in my arm for a blood test. Otherwise, its like a retreat. I have a lot of time for study, reading & light exercise. I am fed well and enjoy talking and the nurses or other participants.


Jun Jie has completed five clinical trials at NZCR. Here’s what Jun Jie had to say - Read more

Jun Jie

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