New Zealand Clinical Research conducts complex early-phase clinical trials involving both healthy participant and patient populations from our state-of-the-art research units located in Auckland, Christchurch and Hamilton, New Zealand.

NZCR research units provide 70 research beds.

Our location close to major teaching hospitals provides access to medical support, additional research services and collaboration with world – leading researchers.

NZCR is approved and certified as a clinical research unit by Medsafe under New Zealand legislation (Section 30 of the Medicines Act 1981).

Both our units have:

  • Fully equipped emergency trolleys
  • Emergency call system and monitored security systems.
  • Emergency generator capable of running all essential services.
  • GPS-driven digital clocks
  • GE, ECG cardiac telemetry management systems
  • Integrated IT system with ability for Electronic Data Transfer
  • Clinical trial participants areas with free Wi-Fi, and recreational facilities
  • Laboratory Sample tracking software (Currently NZCR – AKL only)
  • Remote monitoring capability.

Our units have the following configurations.

Number of beds Number of wards Individual rooms Clinic visit beds
NZCR – AKL 40 2 3 single

2 double

NZCR – CHC 30 4 1 triple 0


Our pharmacy areas have the following specifications:
  • Access controlled.
  • Humidity and temperature monitored.
  • Monitored fridges and freezers.
  • Positive-pressure clean room, Class II biosafety cabinet
  • Retention sample storage capability.
Pharmacy Services
  • Consultation and expert advice on pharmacy manual development
  • Labelling and packaging of clinical trial supplies
  • Sourcing of comparator drugs and ancillary materials
  • Extensive compounding experience including capsule filling, liquid suspensions and aseptic preparations
  • IMP quarantined storage and management
  • Sterile services with positive pressure clean rooms


NZCR has on- site laboratories and expert laboratory staff.
  • The laboratories have monitored -30C, -80C freezers, centrifuges, fume hood.
  • Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMC) Processing and sample storage facility
  • Dark rooms to process light sensitive samples.
  • Temperature monitored and controlled Laboratory Storerooms.
Laboratory Services
  • Consultation and expert advice on laboratory manual development
  • Electronic laboratory data transfer
  • Barcode laboratory sample tracking
  • Onsite PBMC processing
  • Expertise in shipment of biological samples to partner laboratories.
  • Ability to perform CSF sampling, liver biopsy/FNA, punch biopsies
  • Established partnerships with local laboratory for Immuno-assays and flow cytometry

Imaging Services

With our imaging partners, we can provide the following imaging services.

  • CT
  • MRI, Functional MRI
  • Lung function assessment
  • Ultrasound
  • Xray
  • Bone Density scanning
  • Nuclear Medicine PET / MRE/ PDFF

Regulatory Services

New Zealand provides a supportive regulatory environment

New Zealand does not require a New Drug Application (IND) and Clinical Trial Application (CTA). This can provide cost savings and related efficiencies.

NZCR has extensive experience in managing the NZ regulatory process and can advise pharmaceutical or sponsoring companies on this process to ensure fast regulatory approval timelines.

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