The CEO, Medical Director, Chief Medical and Chief Scientific Advisor have a combined experience of 35+ years.

The senior team enjoy strong relationships with Sponsors, Clinical research organisations and the wider research community.

Our Physicians

Chief Executive Officer, Senior Research Physician

Dr Christian Schwabe

MD, MPharm Med

  • Principal Investigator 45+ trials
  • 10+ years PI experience, 25+ years experience in academic hospitals, Pharma, clinical research sites
  • Key research interests – early phase clinical research (SAD, MAD, Food effect, Biosimilar)
Chief Scientific Officer, Consultant Oncologist

Dr Chris Wynne

MBChB, FRACR, DPharm Med

  • Principal Investigator 90+ trials (SAD, MAD, Food effect, Biosimilar, Device)
  • 20+ years PI experience
  • Member of National Trials Committee
  • Key research interests – Oncology, early phase, innovative trial design
  • 60+ Publications
Chief Medical Adviser, Hepatologist and Professor of Medicine

Professor Ed Gane


  • Principal Investigator 70+ trials
  • 20+ years PI experience
  • Key research interests –Ground- breaking research in Hepatitis including the development of an oral cure for hepatitis B and C, Gene therapy
  • 360+ Referred Publications, 8 Book chapters
Chief Scientific Adviser, Consultant Nephrologist and Pharmacologist

Professor Richard Robson


  • Principal Investigator 70+ trials (Early phase, renal trials)
  • 25+ years PI experience
  • Chair of National Trials approval Committee
  • Key research interests – Pharmacology, renal impairment
  • 90+ Publications
Chief Medical Officer, Nephrologist

Dr Nick Cross

MBChB, MM(Clin Epi), PhD, FRACP

  • Principal Investigator
  • Clinical Director, National Renal Transplantation Service
  • Key research interests – Chronic renal failure, dialysis and transplant patients
  • 20+ Publications


Professor of Medicine, Internal Medicine Physician, Principal Investigator Lipid and Diabetes Research

Professor Russell Scott


  • Principal Investigator 250+ studies
  • 30+ years research experience
  • Research interests – Prevention and treatment type 1 DM, new technologies and medications for diabetes mellitus, lipid disorders and cardiovascular disease, triglyceride regulation.
  • 250+ refereed publications, 12 book chapters
Lead Research Physician, General Practitioner

Dr Alexandra Cole


  • Principal Investigator
  • Collaborative Investigator 200+ trials
  • Key research interests- First-in-Human & Early Phase clinical research (SAD, MAD, Food Effect, Biosimilars)
  • Publications in Phase 1


Lead Research Physician

Dr Rohit Katial

MBChB, PGDip BioEnt

  • Principal Investigator
  • Collaborative investigator 100+ trials
  • Key research interests – First-in-Human & Early Phase clinical research (SAD, MAD, Bioequivalence)
Senior Research Physician

Dr Leanne Barnett


  • Principal and Sub Investigator
  • Collaborative investigator 200+ trials
  • Key research interests – First-in-Human & Early Phase clinical research (SAD, MAD, Food Effect, Biosimilars)


Senior Research Physician

Dr Jane Kerr


  • Principal Investigator
  • 20+ years research experience
  • 200+ studies completed
  • Special interest areas: Diabetology, Metabolic Disease, Lipidology


Research Physician

Dr Cory Sellwood

MBChB, MPharm Med

  • Principal Investigator
  • Collaborative investigator 100+ trials
  • Key research interests – First-in-Human & Early Phase clinical research (SAD, MAD, Food Effect, Biosimilars)



Research Physician

Dr Millie Wang


  • Principal and Sub Investigator
  • Internal Physician


Chief Financial Officer

George Morrissey


  • Chief Financial Officer 
  • Experienced in medical, FMCG, retail, manufacturing and agricultural sectors.
  • Key areas of experience: strategy, business planning and performance, analytics, demand planning, and people management.
Chief Operating Officer

Paul Gianotti


  • Experience in retail, medical and pharmacy sectors.
  • Key areas of experience: people leadership, operations, general management, transformation, strategy and business performance.


Chief Information Officer

Willy Iglesias

BPR, MBA, Executive-MBA, MCSE, PMP, CG

  • Experienced in medical, security, government, and private sector.
  • Key areas of experience: Infrastructure, cyber security, DevOps & cloud solutions, migrations, Leadership & strategy, problem-solving, communication, governance, and consultancy.
Operations Manager – AKL

Mary Ellis-Pegler


  • Oversees the day to day running of the Auckland unit to ensure timely delivery of projects
  • Manages clinical trial budgeting and contracting.
Operations Manager – CHC

Jo Sanders


  • 20+ years experience in clinical trial industry, manages operations of the Christchurch unit, working with our clients to ensure effective project delivery.
Business Development Manager

Marcus Burrows

BSc Hons

  • 20+ years experience in Clinical Research Organisations
  • Works with clients as a key NZCR contact to ensure the success of research projects

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