• Physician led state-of- the -art research units with 70 beds over two locations.
  • Skilled, experienced team of research professionals
  • Operating in a supportive regulatory environment with fast start up timelines of 4- 6 weeks.  There is also no requirement for IND and CTA in New Zealand.
  • Commitment to Quality – fully GCP Compliant, FDA and externally audited
  • 35+ years of combined research excellence (as ACS and CCST) in complex early phase clinical research across a wide range of therapeutic areas.
  • Reliable recruitment across a wide range of populations and therapeutic areas
  • Recruitment as one entity across the two largest centers in NZ with access to a population of 5 million+
  • Large healthy participant and patient population databases with dedicated and successful recruitment teams
  • Global standing as a leading site to conduct umbrella/adaptive design studies spanning healthy volunteers and patients under one protocol across a wide range of indications
  • Onsite laboratory and pharmacy services

The NZCR Advantage

NZCR provides world-renowned, physician-led, early phase research units over two locations.
We have the experience and expertise to conduct your next research project.
  • 500+ trials completed involving 15,000+ clinical trial participants.
  • Fast start up timelines
  • Reliable recruitment across a wide range of therapeutic indications
  • Highly experienced Physician led research team
  • Commitment to Quality



NZCR offers you Clinical Trial Project Solutions

  • Experience in guiding clients through NZ’s supportive regulatory environment and ensuring fast clinical trial start up timelines.
  • Experience in protocol design and consultation
  • Dedicated Business Development team providing a central point of contact and efficient feasibility process. Our Trial start up associate is available to support our clients through the NZ clinical trial start up process.
  • With two research units located in Auckland and Christchurch, we can offer flexibility in scheduling and attractive timelines
  • NZCR works closely with all CROs operating in New Zealand, including:
    IQVIA, Covance, Syneos, PRA/ICON, PPD, Novotech, Pharmaceutical Solutions and Southern Star.

NZCR (selected as ACS and CCST) were the first Early Phase Prime Sites selected globally by IQVIA in 2016. We have maintained this status.

We are preferred partners of Genentech, Abbvie, Syneos and PPD.

NZCR works with all Biotechnology, Pharma and CRO organisations with flexibility to successfully complete a wide range of research projects on time and on budget.

We welcome enquires from both new and existing industry partners.

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