NZCR – CHC vaping device studies.

When two Stanford University graduates (who would eventually own the United States’ biggest vaping company), wanted their prototype tested they came to Christchurch!

The main question for the study was whether the JUUL device could mimic a standard Marlboro cigarette in the amount of nicotine going into the bloodstream. The trial showed the device was the first to be able to mimic the nicotine inhaled from a normal cigarette.

“The vaping devices up to that time had not been able to do it. And so, there was some reluctance from cigarette smokers to switch to vaping because they were not getting the same hit or relief from their nicotine addiction,” Wynne says.

“I thought this was a really worthwhile project because if we could stop people inhaling combustible tobacco but meet their addiction, their probability of developing lung cancer would be much, much lower,” he says.

“As an oncologist I’ve seen a lot of people die from lung cancer. You don’t want to die from lung cancer.”


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