NZCR encourages full COVID -19 Vaccination.
We require all study participants to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

Please attend all your visits and screening appointments. 

We have robust infection control procedures in place for the safety of our participants and staff. These include physical distancing; cleaning of surfaces and personal protective equipment (PPE) use where appropriate.

Participants are requested to wear a mask and undergo our Covid – 19 temperature checks and questionnaire.

Please do not attend if you are unwell in any way, please call us.

NZCR has a no visitor policy during Alert level 2,3

We ask you to please be mindful of others during this period and respect instructions from our staff, to keep everyone safe.

We are optimistic that New Zealand will set another global benchmark for successfully dealing with the threat of another wave of COVID-19.

Why Participate?

Your participation will make a difference and help us research new medicines which will potentially change the lives of patients in NZ and around the world.

New Zealand Clinical Research is New Zealand’s largest and most experienced clinical research group. We are committed to ensuring our participants are fully informed and that their safety is continually monitored by our expert medical team.

  • All our trials are approved by New Zealand regulatory authorities and are conducted in line with International Clinical Trial standards (GCP).
  • Our clinical trials take place at state-of-the-art research units with experienced research staff to support you during your clinical research journey.
  • We provide free Wi-Fi access to allow you to work or study remotely, recreational activities and space to relax.

How to Participate?

To take part in an NZCR clinical trial, we need you to register your details with us. This will ensure we are providing you with information on a trial that might suit you. All our trials have height, weight, BMI and other criteria which need to be met before we can include participants in the trial. Once you have registered on our database, we will review your profile and send you information on a suitable trial. This includes information on the trial, why it is being conducted and when it is taking place.

Steps to taking part in a clinical trial

Participant Information Video

What our participants have to say

Hi, I'm Michael. I have done several trials l with NZCR (previously CCST). I love being an ideal test patient and contributing to medical progress. I look forward to every visit, the food is amazing and there’s a massive TV with Sky and Netflix in the lounge. The nurses and doctors are lovely, the care they take to do everything safely and correctly is obvious. I have experienced zero side effects from trial drugs, the worst thing that’s happened is painless bruising from blood draws, and that only rarely. The clinic stays are ideal for getting away from daily distractions to focus on trial, reading, or that show you want to catch up on! Another benefit of joining a trial is thorough medical checks, since as a healthy young person I would otherwise go years without seeing a doctor.


“My experience with NZCR (ACS) has been a really rewarding and uplifting experience. It was amazing being part of a clinical study that will aid in actual treatment of autoimmune disorders for those that suffer with this. For me contributing was personal as I have a very dear friend who does suffer. Right from the start you are treated well and the Doctor(s) who do the initial screening are very informative and honest and encourage you to ask questions at any time and they are always ready with an answer or a solution as to how to get one. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to give back to the medical field of research and testing. The isolation was hard but a small sacrifice for the good it will do.”

Linda B

"Hi I’m Alex, I have done quite a few studies at NZCR (CCST). I have found the nurses and doctors to be professional and caring. The facilities themselves to be comfortable, the lounge area providing a nice place to relax. The food portions have been very large and delicious. It's a great way to support my studying without having to take out a student loan."


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