我们在 NZCR 有各种各样的临床研究,我们将与您一起寻找合适的。




多年来,我们进行了超过 75 项临床试验,涉及超过 15,000 名研究参与者。




We have a wide variety of clinical studies at NZCR, and
we will work with you to find the right one.

We have many different clinical trials with different dates for you to choose from.

There are Mandarin-speaking staff available to help, and we have some study information available in Simplified Chinese.

You can get up to $400 a day when you participate in our clinical trials.

Over the years, we have conducted more than 75 clinical trials involving more than 15,000 study participants.

At NZCR, we have experienced doctors and nurses available to help. When you are participating in our clinical trials, your safety is paramount.

If you have any questions, please contact us at any time.

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