World-first Medical Trial run at NZCR

TVNZ’s Sunday Programme recently ran a story on a world-first medical trial run at NZCR, using the Nobel award-winning CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing technology. 

NZCR, a top provider of clinical trials in NZ, was commissioned to run the world’s first ‘in-human’ trial of this Nobel prize-winning technique, for the treatment of the deadly hereditary condition known as amyloidosis (FAP). This clinical research was also the first in human trial for any gene editing technique in New Zealand. Our very own Professor Ed Gane headed the study – and told TVNZ all about it.

Watch here 

Kiwi liver specialist on brink of cure for rare genetic disease (1news.co.nz) 

In this medical trial, gene editing was used to remove mutations in a damaged gene which produces abnormal proteins that, over time, lead to liver failure. All of this is done without affecting or changing healthy genes, thus providing real hope for families with a history of amyloidosis. Results to date are encouraging and hopefully we will soon see more of this exciting technique saving the lives of sufferers of other diseases where genes mutate. 

Everyone at NZCR is incredibly proud of the work Ed and the team did, and we are also incredibly grateful to our clinical study participants for being part of a world first in medical research.  

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