A trial conducted at CCST (NZCR) by Dr Martin de Bock, Paediatrician, Otago University researcher could have life changing outcomes for people living with Type 1 diabetes.

Results from a Randomized Crossover Trial Comparing Automated Insulin Delivery with Predictive Low Glucose Suspend in People with Type 1 Diabetes showed improved glycemic control outcomes with Hybrid Closed-Loop Delivery and the Medtronic MiniMed Advanced device.

The results of this trial involving 60 participants were published in Diabetes Care recently.


The glucose monitor in this closed loop device has an algorithm that automatically administers insulin as it is needed removing the need for finger pricks to check insulin levels. The results of this trial sponsored by Medtronic have led to CE mark approval for this closed loop device. Extra funding will be needed to make this available to New Zealanders living with Type 1 diabetes.

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