NZCR is excited to officially welcome the Lipid & Diabetes Research Group (LDRG) to the New Zealand Clinical Research (NZCR) Group

LDRG is a leading medical research group headed by Professor Russell Scott and based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Professor Scott’s specialties include diabetes, endocrinology, metabolic disorders and lipidology.

As globally renowned experts in their field, Professor Scott, Principal Investigator, Dr Jane Kerr and the LDRG team have 30+ years experience and have completed 200 + clinical trials.

NZCR have previously worked together with LDRG on several important research programs. This union strengthens NZCR’s clinical research expertise in metabolic disease and complements our reputation for delivering world class research in the areas of Liver (NASH) and Nephrology. With some pivotal studies underway and more on the horizon, we look forward to working together as NZCR in the future.


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